Beware Marketing: Progressive Lens, Designer Frames & more

Beware-marketing designer glasses Alan Burrow Optometrists Coffs Harbour
29th June 2023

All that Glitters is Not Gold

Marketing and promotion have become essential elements of any successful business. One of the major advantages of this approach is that consumers are made more aware of new products, services and advances in technology.

While there is a definite advantage to this increased level of communication, the downside is that some promotions can be misleading, thereby creating unrealistic expectations.

Unfortunately, a number of these situations have occurred in the optical industry. One involved the promotion of a new progressive lens design which, although of high quality, created the unrealistic expectation of immediate visual comfort with no need for adaption. While this advert did create interest, it was necessary to rectify the misconceptions prior to prescribing the lens to avoid subsequent disillusionment.

Designer or “image” frames are another area in which caution needs to be exercised. Although the only claim of most “designer” frames is the association with a well-known personality, many consumers assume this guarantees a frame of superior quality. In fact, the quality of designer frames can vary considerably even though the prices are almost always higher because of the royalty payment.

Established brands, on the other hand, usually guarantee a certain level of quality because it is important that the manufacturer retains credibility.

Similar examples could be quoted for new treatment techniques. The increased level of marketing has certainly led to a greater awareness amongst consumers. However, it has also resulted in a greater complexity in the marketplace.

For this reason, it is essential that consumers receive professional assistance in the decision-making process.

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