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Optometry had its origins in the spectacle peddlers which were common in Europe from the 1400s. As the science of vision correction developed, the profession evolved into opticians who had a greater knowledge of optics and methods of treating the various focusing errors. This is still the core activity for optometrists.

However, although the correction of vision with lenses delivered great benefit, it became obvious that some visual disabilities were caused by a wide variety of eye diseases. As a result, opticians started adopting medical techniques to evaluate the eye and where appropriate refer to ophthalmologists (eye surgeons).

In recognition of the evolution of the profession the term optometrist was adopted to reflect this greater involvement in the understanding of ocular health conditions. Optometrists in Australia and a number of other areas in the world, are now trained in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases. In this secondary role optometrists are those who have undertaken the relevant training and can treat a variety of eye diseases, either independently or with ophthalmologists and other medical practitioners.

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