Independent Optometrist Serving the Coffs Harbour Community since 1988

Optometrists specialise in vision correction using spectacles, contact lenses and specific eye exercises to provide clear, comfortable and efficient vision.

As a result, our primary role is performing eye examinations and dispensing spectacles and contact lenses. However, as vision can also be affected by eye diseases, we perform an in-depth eye examination using state-of-the-art technology in order to detect eye diseases and, when appropriate, provide treatment by prescribing therapeutic drugs. In cases where this is beyond our scope of practice, patients are referred to an ophthalmologist or other medical professionals.

Our Difference

  • We spend more time (30 to 40 minutes) performing a comprehensive eye examination, to accurately determine the refractive errors as well as any eye health conditions.
  • We have a wide range of spectacle frames to match facial features, various lens designs as well as individual fashion needs.
  • Spectacles are custom fitted to ensure that lenses are well positioned and the spectacles are comfortable. We take considerable care to ensure that the correct lens design is prescribed for the patient’s specific visual needs.
  • We use high-technology lens manufacturers who provide quality lenses with superior optics. Where appropriate, we treat our own patients’ ocular pathology.

For Quality eye examinations,
glasses & contact lenses.

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