Glasses in history

The Importance of Glasses

Worldwide, refractive (focusing) errors are the greatest cause of blindness and visual disability. As a result, the importance of correction with spectacle lenses cannot be overstated.

The first reported crude spectacles were made in 1284 in Italy but were limited to correcting hyperopia (farsightedness) and presbyopia (the inability to see close-up). Invention of the Gutenberg press in 1440, increased the demand for spectacles as the number of the number of readers of print increased dramatically.

It was not until the 1400s that myopia (shortsightedness) could be corrected with a different lens design. It took until 1825 before lenses were designed by George Airy to correct astigmatism. Well-known inventor Benjamin Franklin developed bifocal lenses in 1784.

Glasses are more than a fashion item

Once the lens form has been determined, it is important that this be incorporated in specially designed spectacles.

While many consider the spectacle frame a “fashion item” it is important that this is not only appealing cosmetically but also matches the face and also maximises the performance of the lenses. Not all frames are suitable for the various lens designs and as such an incorrect frame selection can lead to dissatisfaction with the vision through the spectacles.

For these reasons, we carry a wide range of frames from various manufacturers.

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