Bellingen Optometrist

The importance of regular
eye tests in Belligen

As experienced optometrists at Belligen, we understand the importance of regular eye tests for maintaining optimal vision and overall eye health.

Regular eye tests are essential for several reasons.

Firstly, they allow us to detect any changes in vision and identify vision problems early on. This early detection enables us to prescribe corrective measures such as prescription glasses or contact lenses promptly, preventing further deterioration of your eyesight.

Secondly, eye tests provide valuable insights into your overall health. Many systemic conditions, including diabetes and high blood pressure, have early indications that can be detected during an eye examination. By identifying these signs, we can alert you and work with your healthcare provider to ensure timely treatment.

At Belligen, we employ state-of-the-art equipment and conduct thorough examinations to ensure accurate diagnoses. Our team of dedicated optometrists is committed to providing exceptional care and personalised solutions for all your eye health needs.

Don’t neglect your eyesight – book your regular eye test with Belligen Optometrist today to maintain healthy vision and overall wellbeing.

Our Difference at Bellingen Optometrists

We have a wide range of spectacle frames to match our patients’ needs.

We provide comprehensive eye examinations of 30 to 40 minutes.

Local & independent since 1988 – tailoring our service to suit our patients.

We use high-technology lens manufacturers who provide quality lenses.