How to select the perfect Glasses Frame?

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22nd September 2023

Glasses Frame Selection

Successful frame selection may initially seem to be a simple task, but numerous aspects need to be considered. These include cosmetic appearance, personality, lifestyle, weight, prescription requirements, durability and cost.

The importance of these factors varies for each individual. For example, women are generally more concerned about appearance, while men often consider comfort and durability to be more important.

Selecting a frame can be a daunting task because of both individual preferences and the range of styles, particularly as displays can contain hundreds of different frames.

When assisting with frame selection it is essential to understand individual needs and requirements and to tailor the choice accordingly. The skilled adviser is able assist in blending these needs with the technical requirements. The frame selected should reflect the personality and lifestyle of the wearer rather than the assistant.

The right advice is the foundation of a successful solution. Many of the problems experienced with unsuitable spectacles arise because of insufficient care or expertise in frame selection.

Some people like to bring a friend to assist with selection of a frame. While this can sometimes be helpful, it is important to ensure that the final choice takes into account prescription requirements and reflects the personality and preferences of the wearer rather than that of the well-meaning friend.

Some patients have difficulty seeing the frame because of blurred vision without spectacles.

We have state-of-the-art equipment which overcomes this limitation by allowing the patient to view glasses frames on the face from multiple angles.

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